Eliminating greenwashing.

We are all responsible for the ecological footprint of the products we use everyday.

We want to build trust in the textile industry with an instant traceable sustainable textile that’s telling the truth about its origin and impact. The next generation wants us to prove that we are reliable and trustworthy, that we walk the walk. No greenwashing, but transparency and honesty.


liters of water

is saved per 1 kilo of AWARE™ recycled cotton vs. conventional cotton


plastic water bottles

are prevented from flowing into the oceans per 10,000 kilo of AWARE™ recycled polyester


less water

is used producing 1 kilo AWARE™ recycled polyester vs. virgin polyester

We believe that technology can close the gap between the story and the truth.

By using modern technologies like nano and blockchain, we can create transparency and trust. A decentralised system, open and transparent, having a self-regulating effect to the market. Above all else, AWARE™ brings a process that’s both simple and highly secure to the sustainable supply chain. No more doubt. No more grey areas. Just a true story from start to finish.

Together we can work on the fabrics of tomorrow.

As a tech innovator in the sustainable textiles industry we are very positive about the future. We developed an honest traceability solution we are super enthusiastic about. We are more than happy to discuss how our solutions could help you to build trust with your sustainability strategy and products. But also, to discuss together how develop even better solutions.