A true story from
start to finish.

A process that’s designed to fit in any existing supply chain.

We decentralize sustainable claim validation and impact reduction claims by combining tracer- and blockchain technology and add that onto sustainable fibers and yarn. With AWARE™ integrity technology embedded in authentic sustainable materials, textiles brands and retailers have the freedom and flexibility to produce products with their own compliant and nominated supply chain partners and proof sustainability claims to consumers. No greenwashing, but transparency and honesty. True story.



Identification of the yarn and
secure original data.
At the very first step of the AWARE™ process, special micro particles are added to the genuine sustainable materials. These tracer particles are our unique fingerprint. They’re what help the final textiles made of it both traceable and fraud-free. They will now hold the true story of this textile for its entire lifespan. Amazing huh?


Enjoy freedom of your own compliant supply chain. No restrictions regarding production facilities.
The AWARE™ yarn and fabric is now able to be produced freely within any supply chain of choice. How? Because the fingerprint and relevant certifications that’s contained within the AWARE™ fabric is held securely in a special digital ‘passport’ (token). These tokens are registered in the decentralized blockchain. So, wherever the fabric goes and however it’s used, it will remain honest and true. Just like it was meant to be.


Any produced item is easily to scan with our hand held scanner.
It’s not only the textile itself that remains traceable and secure. Whatever garment or accessory that it’s turned into can be scanned at any given moment too. T-shirt, sweater, bag, you name it. Simply holding the special mobile scanner up to the item will reveal its true identity, or reveal it’s hiding a dirty secret. Only a positive scan can confirm if the final product is made from original Aware™ sustainable materials. Scanner and tracer material are exclusive and linked to each other.


Through the combination of nano and blockchain technology final products can be authenticated in a few seconds.
Finally, at the exact moment of scanning at the end of the supply chain, a product made using AWARE™ technology will reveal its true story. As the scan happens and the unique fingerprint is detected, it will be matched to the data related to the original sustainable feedstock stored within the token in the blockchain. Identification is confirmed. Authentication is confirmed. Data is available. Thumbs-up are given. All original certifications are visible and connected to the final product. Tokens can be checked and original data looked up in the AWARE™ user interface forever.

Simplicity & Security

Above all else, AWARE™ brings a process that’s both simple and highly secure to the sustainable supply chain. No more doubt. No more grey areas. A true story from start to finish. We believe that only decentralized validation systems can bring real transparency. A tracer technology that’s detectable by portable devices that can be used in-field, and real open source blockchain instead of just database instead of just a QR-code driven database. TRUE STORY.

Together we can work on the fabrics of tomorrow.

As a tech innovator in the sustainable textiles industry we are very positive about the future. We developed an honest traceability solution we are super enthusiastic about. We are more than happy to discuss how our solutions could help you to build trust with your sustainability strategy and products. But also, to discuss together how develop even better solutions.